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Manual machine (dropper)

50 RDH W

30 RDH

SQ-503/ 500ml (clear/ frosted)

Leaf Mould

60 RDH

Black & White Unicorn Bottle 50ml

Round Pet Bottle

Round Pet Bottle (30, 60ml & 100ml)

Aluminium Cal Bottle

SQ-502/ 500ml ( Clear & Frosted)

SQ-501/ 500ml (Clear & Frosted)

About Us

About Us

Kimimas is established since 1998. Our company mainly distributes glass and plastic containers to pharmaceuticals, drug and cosmetics and food industries. We also supply essential oils, chemicals and related packaging materials.

Kimimas distributes a wide range of glass and plastic bottles including clear, amber, transparent and semi-transparent bottles.

Kimimas also import essential oils and chemicals from other countries to meet the design demands of our local needs. We also work closely with our customers and provide customized service to our customers.